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As seasons come and go, so does a fresh ebb and flow of fashion trends.

We get some of our earliest glimpses of them at fashion weeks across the globe. The ones that make the biggest impressions (attracted a lot of social media buzz and interest from buyers and media, for instance) will wind up in stores and for sale online a few months later. 

But then there are those looks that leave us scratching our heads: Where did they come from and — perhaps even more perplexing — why?

For the start of spring this week, here are a few styles that are emerging for the season that, in this style editor’s humble opinion, you’re better off skipping.

Colored skinny pants: When it comes to fashions that flatter, few look fab in buttercup yellow bottoms that hug every curve. 

“Lollilpop” lipstick: What unfolds on the runway not only impacts fashion but also hair and makeup. Thanks to MAC cosmetics, the smudged lipstick look is now sweeping the beauty scene. Models in the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show at London Fashion Week were styled with lipstick intentionally smeared beyond their lips, similar to what a kid looks like after devouring a cherry ice pop or lollipop (hence the trend’s name). My take: like Las Vegas, some things that happen on the runway, should just stay on the runway!

Bralettes: This trend is “perfect for those with a love of underwear as outerwear,” Cosmopolitan touted in its online spring/summer trend preview. Who loves that? A bralette layered with a sheer blouse or mesh top can be sexy, fresh and fun in the right setting. But when worn on its own with a high-waisted skirt or paired with a blazer and pants, it looks like a woman forgot the rest of her outfit. Save this trend for the beach, or try a more traditional crop top if you want to bare a bit of belly this spring.

Clear-knee mom jeans: We can only imagine the brainstorming that went down in this design meeting: How can fashion refresh high-waisted, straight-legged jeans (commonly referred to as “mom jeans”)? How about with clear plastic patches sewn into the knees! This look has been called “jindow” and “knee window” jeans. I call it a disgrace to poor ol’ mom jeans. If this appeals to you, Nordstrom and Topshop are selling them for $95 (although we advise you save your money).

Oversized man bags: Thanks to the likes of Prada, Gucci, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, the “murse” has gotten a makeover! For spring, these designers debuted bags for him that make the women’s carryall tote look small in comparison — and make the guys lugging them around look like a hunchback.

Sara Bauknecht: or on Twitter and Instagram @SaraB_PG.

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