Rihanna Schools Us In Sexy AF Styling At Paris Fashion Week


What Ri Ri doesn’t know about creating a seductive look just isn’t worth knowing. We already know that sex with her is amazing, so much so she penned an entire song about it, but now we know she can even make preppy dressing seductive AF. If only we knew this at university and we would have been round the back of the library with Aaron from the football team many a time. Following from the presentation of her Autumn/winter 2017 collection for Fenty x Puma at Paris fashion week here is how to revise your preppy look and break the uniform rules…

Baywatch Gets Bookish

Shrink your boyfriend’s polo shirt and use it as a layering piece over a body for a Baywatch gets bookish look.


Clash Clueless Plaids

Avoid the Clueless cliché when wearing plaids by layering them up to the max and clashing prints like an absolute bad girl.


Copy The Jock’s Cleavage

Steal some cleavage tips from the jocks on the track when tackling tracksuit dressing and show just enough with the slight unzipping of your hoody.


All Puffa Coat and NO Bra

It’s the modern day version of ‘all fur coat and no knickers,’ but more street.


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If In Doubt, Underboob It

There’s nothing like a bit of literal titillation to really seal the deal and make a pleated skirt seem less bookish.


Unpop Your Trousers For The Man You Want To See

Depending on your mood unpop those trousers to reveal the amount of flesh that reflects your current state of mind. Just make sure you have big branded knickers for modesty reasons, but ensure they are peeping out the top for the ultimate ‘I am doing 90’s branding, can’t you tell’ look.


Knock Your Cricket Jumper Out For Six

The bigger the better when it comes to your cricket jumper. Turn the v-neck into a cut out to flash those boys a cold shoulder.


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Marinate With Mustard

Mustard is rarely ever sexy ask Velma of Scooby Doo fame BUT Rihanna proves us wrong, yet again. Keep it tight and ribbed for that sexy AF look.


Your Coat Is As An Accessory

On one shoulder, off both shoulders or barely even on your person at all the only rule for styling your coat right now is to not properly wear it at all. You may catch a cold but you will look sass, but what’s life without a little risk, right?!


Never Underestimate The Styling Power of The Over Knee Sock

Ideally team with boots and a barely there mini and a jacket tied around your waist for a little extra ‘area’ coverage.


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