PHOTOS: Man Turns Freeloading Toad into Fashion Prince –


Chris Newsome’s inner haberdasher has come to life in an adorable and unexpected way.

The man’s muse? A docile toad that likes to hang out on Newsome’s porch.

After watching the toad hang out by his front door every night, Newsome decided his amphibian amigo was missing something.

Perhaps taking a cue from The Wind in the Willows‘ Mr. Toad, the man decided to try his hand at toad couture, fashioning little outfits out of foam paper.

Through some tacit agreement between these interspecies bros, the toad allowed Newsome to dress him in an array of accessories, including top hats, monocles, lassos and more.

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The toad obviously knows he looks good in his new duds, because he keeps hopping back to Newsome’s porch for more.

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