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Denim Trends: An Ever-Evolving Classic

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Although denim is constantly in-style, it important to at least take a casual nod to knowing what version of denim is in, what version is out, and what version you might want to stay away from unless you are supermodel slim. Updating your denim can be done when you know the general rules. Whether your personal style is simple and classic, edgy or funky, you can incorporate some new denim designs.

2011 Denim Trends

Lightweight Material. Soft, denim fabric can be found on everything from slouchy sling bags to tunic style dresses and loose blouses. It’s not only lightweight, the fabric is generally lighter in color too.

Denim Jackets. Look in your closet for a favorite old jean jacket, blazers or long denim trench coat. They can be pulled out and put right to use this season. If you want to purchase a new coat, look for a classic style, or one with embroidery embellishments.

Denim Maxi Skirts. Take your time evaluating your overall look before purchasing a long skirt. Some look better in floaty skirts, other bodies handle the straight, long pencil skirt design. Hemline slits or buttons left undone can take the look from frumpy to fashionable.

White Denim Jeans, or Colored Denim. Straight legged jeans go well with other denim trends like footwear, lightweight denim tops or jackets. This is an excellent way of pulling a casual outfit together while keeping the look crisp and polished.

Blast from Past. Both bell-bottoms and high rise flared jeans reminiscent of the sixties and seventies are becoming entrenched in the culture today. Give them a try, but avoid anything that might double as a Halloween costume.

Unfortunate Denim Trends Average Women May Want to Avoid;

Rolled cuffs. Baggie boyfriend pants with rolled cuffs may remind you of Katie Holmes, but it really isn’t as attractive as it may appear on tabloids.

Denim Cargo Pants. If you have bird-like legs, no recognizable belly or are under 10 with these qualities, then go for it. Average women have many more flattering options.

Denim Jumpsuit. I saw a rack of these when I walked into my favorite shop last week. Sadly, that store is no longer getting my rave reviews. Jumpsuits are an odd trend to bring back in my opinion. I would have to guess that only a miniscule amount of people look presentable in jumpsuits.

And now, to the Denim Shorts. These are back. Choose wisely and according to your body shape. Short-shorts are rarely attractive, but shorts made from lightweight denim in a loose trouser style works well with the new denim shoe styles, flats or espadrilles.

Trendy denim is here to stay from season to season. Incorporate the styles that work with your body type and sense of style. Maintain the look that you love while adding a little updates into your closet. Even if all you purchase is a lightweight denim bag and a pair of denim shoes, there will be no mistake you know your fashion trends.

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White Denim Jeans photo

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