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How to Dress with Style

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In your opinion, do others think you as stylish and fashionable? Or do they think or see you a frumpy one.

According to Sheila Dicks, an image and wardrobe consultant, if your style doesn’t get positive comments, it means that you maybe needing a style makeover.


Let’s start with your hair. This is one thing that can easily see or noticed on our appearance. If you haven’t changed your hair style for years, you really need to make some changes.

Its true stylish hair takes time and effort. The first step should be finding a hair stylist that will choose a style that will complement the shape of your face, age, and to your personality. You should also learn how can you maintain this kind of style in every day especially when there is an occasion. It is also important that you should know your hair texture and needs on how to keep it looking fresh and shiny every day


Never underestimate the power of shoes to make or break your look. You should wear shoes that can best compliment your clothes for example, wearing heels with a dress or skirt. Flat shoes best compliment on short skirts or dresses. A mid -calf dress or skin worn with flat bulky shoes is pleasing to an eye. You should also choose shoes that would match to your outfit and you shouldn’t depend on a great looking pair of shoes to make your outfit beautiful.


Accessories styles changes fast, since this thing are not expensive you can buy some to spice up your wardrobe. The trick is to keep on top what is fashionable and you can just keep it in your closet once it is outdated. One example is handbag. You can buy some cheap handbags but can still be in style.


Skirt is another factor that can determine if you are in style or not. Knee length skirt is not only stylish but they are the most flattering style on women, a black knee length skirt is a must-have though the best style will depend on your body type. This one item can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


The most important aspect of a stylish look is the overall look. Before you leave the house, check yourself in a full length mirror to take a glance at your overall look. Does the bag, shoes, scarves complimented each other? Does your dress really fit in you, or it is too loose or too fit. Is your outfit appropriate to the occasion? This simple action and questions before you leave the house can be a style life saver. Sometime an outfit that we think is good but in reality, it is not when you seen it put together. A quick look in a mirror will tell the tale.


Maybe you can’t help but notice those businessmen and women how they dress. That it is very obvious that their attire is different to those normal dresses. If you are one of these people, here are some tips to have a perfect business look

1. When you have a day that promises to keep you on your feet for hours at a time, you should wear shoes that are comfortable. Wear shoes that you can appreciate at the end of the day.

2. If you don’t have a quality clothes brush yet, get one. Clothes brush is a must-have. It helps a lot in cleaning your suit or dress for furs and dust. That makes your outfit more attractive.

3. Keep your blazers, pants and suits wrinkle-free. If you can afford get them cleaned professionally, if not, iron it thoroughly or use an cotton ironing cloth to prevent the material from becoming shiny.

4. Make sure that when your jacket is buttoned the vent should not vent in the back. Opening your jacket gives the impression that you are small and will ruin your look

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