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The dreariness of winter can hamper even the brightest of dispositions. What is winter about? Security, stagnation, and icy solemnity. Spring, on the other hand, is about transition, romantic trysts and titillation. As we attempt to make winter a thing of the past, and look hopefully to the promise of spring, the best thing we can do to prepare ourselves for this transition is by decorating ourselves with the quintessential pieces of spring.

To elaborate upon what I mean as “the quintessential pieces of spring”, I will describe to you what have been handpicked as the top trends for this new and exciting season. Then you can choose for yourself what you can do to hasten its coming (or at least make it seem so).

1. Romantic dresses. A bit trite I agree, but you can always count on romance in spring. Flowers blossom everywhere, the air is fresher and animals awaken with a new friskiness. What is more romantic than a flowing dress? Now, to make the look extra playful (for playfulness is also key for spring), keep your hemlines above the knee and your waistlines high. This will give the illusion of mile-long legs, and who doesn’t want those? My favorite look is the Grecian empire dress, which enhances the bust, camouflages a round belly, and makes the legs look longer. It is an unbelievably stunning look and looks wonderful with several bangles (more on those later.)

2. Sweet prairie. This look, marked by paisley prints and peasant blouses, is best paired with dark brown leather or dark denim if you live in the city. Otherwise, this look could make you seem more like a folksinger than a chic urbanite. A great way to wear this look is to wear a denim jacket over a soft paisley blouse. To complete the look, wear simple earrings (nothing too extravagant, as the shirt already makes quite an impact) and carry a leather purse.

3. Metal glamour. If you are not really a fan of sweetness, romance and twirling patterns, you may enjoy the metallics trend. Shimmering gold can make any outfit look glamorous and silver can lend a look sparkling frostiness. Silver looks wonderful with charcoal, black and white. Gold looks divine with bright colors, browns and oranges. For the richest look of all, wear a tight sexy white dress with a gold chain belt, gold bangles and gold hoop earrings. It’s simple, easily accessible and makes you look like an heiress. And if you were to wear a silver corset under your white blouse, as well as a tight black pencil skirt-well, let’s just say you’d get a rush from knowing how inexplicably hot you look.

4. Sporty. If you prefer a look that is more functional, then you will love the sporty look that is in. A bright blue sports jackets with Lucite sunglasses (see the next trend) and a short tennis skirt looks fashionably cool. Athletic short-shorts with a denim jacket and Lucite heels could also be a look you could try.

5. Lucite. Lucite? Does its transparence and gloss, in your opinion, translate as cheap, immature, and even trashy? Well, don’t judge too quickly, for Lucite is in this season, and women are being seen wearing anything from Lucite heels to Lucite bangles and sunglasses. The latter two are easier to wear and work with all colors and especially with matte textures. Pair a simple black t-shirt with several bangles and you have upgraded your look instantly with a futuristic twist.

6. Tunics. Tunics are great when you want to look fashionable and don’t want to bare too much skin. To make sure that your waistline is not lost in all that material, wear a skinny belt to emphasize this area. Worn with skinny white pants or jeans and high heels, you can make this look all yours. To adorn it, wear the Lucite bangles that I have mentioned (or any bangles for that matter) and hoop earrings.

7. Black and White. The contrast is sharp-looking and is forever classic. On a day that you have absolutely nothing to wear (and we all have those days, do we not?), reach for a white blouse and a black skirt and silver accessories. Or, add some Lucite. Are you getting the pattern?

8. Bright brights. Ooh, the Big Bird yellows and the crocodile greens! Not my favorite trend, but hey, some people love this one. Best worn as accessories, these bright colors can be used to give any outfit a dash of surprising excitement. The most popular colors seem to be canary yellow, bright green, orchid pink and cobalt. Cobalt looks ultra-lavish when paired with gold accessories. Remember, though, that if you do intend to incorporate some Technicolor into your look, keep everything else neutral. Do not let mango heels compete with a fuchsia miniskirt (though mango blush might look really pretty with the skirt).

9. Bangles. Bangles, bangles and more bangles. And then even more bangles. What can I say? You will see them everywhere this season, and you can wear one big one for a simple fashion statement, or wear many thin ones for a vivacious look.

10. Strappy sandals. Multi-strap platform sandals look amazing with the Grecian empire-waist dresses that I described earlier. These shoes are delightfully versatile and can take a look anywhere from understated and demure to sexy. Wear them with a mini-dress, add a few bangles, and you are good to go.

Strange, isn’t it, how the looks this season run the gamut from soft, subdued and sensual to lacquered, bold and electric? Take advantage of this range and play with a myriad of possibilities. This season is wonderfully catered to the whimsical and possibly even self-contradictory woman. Have fun!

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Spring Dresses for Women photo

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Spring Dresses for Women photo

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