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The Many Looks of a Peasant Blouse

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Do you like peasant blouses? They are pretty, feminine and perfect for when the weather starts to heat up. Try adding one of these cuties to your closet this season! You may be surprised at how many ways you can use it.

Is a peasant blouse any different from a Mexican blouses ? In my opinion, there is no difference. Well, maybe a very small one. The traditional Mexican blouse is made in Mexico while the former can be made just about anywhere.

Well, this and the fact that peasant blouses may not always have embroidery on them.

Other than this, they can both be considered the same. If you want an authentic blouse, you know what to look for.

Either of these blouses can look fabulous paired with many pieces in your wardrobe. You can wear one with some jean shorts and flip flops for a relaxed look. You might also want to sport one with a cute jean skirt or even a frilly and flirty skirt, add some pretty gladiator sandals and you have a nice summer look.

Do not be fooled into thinking you can only wear this shirt in the summer alone. You could also try wearing it with some comfortable jeans and strappy heels for a sexy date look. You could try wearing it with some cropped pants and cute boots to get ready for winter time as well.

Experiment a little and you might discover that you can find some really cute combinations with your blouse and you can catch the attention of other fashion followers.

For the winter you could also try wearing your blouse with a pretty cardigan over it. Make sure it is in a complementary color. Put the cardigan on and then cinch the whole look with a hot belt!

You will have a cover up for the cold (long sleeves) and you will accentuate your waist. You also have your pretty top peeking through for extra attention.

Peasant blouses for women can be versatile and fun to wear, you just need to play around with a few looks to find something that you love.

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Peasant Blouse photo

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