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How to Dress Up for the Holidays

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Personal Style

The fist thing to keep in mind when shopping for holiday finds is no matter what is trendy at the moment, if it doesn’t look good on you do not buy it. I just could not bring myself to buy those oversized ponchos a few years back. Remember how they looked like you were wearing an oversized blanket over your top? They are still available in the stores. I am exceptionally thin and I have small breasts, if I had worn one of these ponchos I would have looked shapeless. Pregnant women and grannies look great in these.

Color is also something to consider. No matter how trendy Gray may be right now I do not have the skin tone to pull it off. “Gray is the new black” that is great if you look better in gray than black, but I do not so I will only be wearing grey on the bottom half of my body keeping it far from my face. The last thing you need in the winter is to look washed out. Lack of sunlight dulls and pales our skin enough as it is . Add a color to add life back into your face.


Some great ideas for dressing up this season is to choose something in a rich color. Jewel tones are a great option this season. Bold green is a sexy alternative to red. If you look great in red don’t be hum drum in a wine tone, go bold with a juicy orangish red or pinkish red and watch the life return to your cheeks. Smile. Be sure to choose either silver or gold accessories. Do not mix and match these metals unless it is in the design of the piece. It is not flattering because they get too busy looking. Keep your accessories limited to one key piece that is fabulous and flattering and keep the rest simple.

No one looks good in a ridiculous ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings. I know its easy to get carried away because the season calls for “decoration” and you feel like this is about the only time you get to wear all that fabulous jewelry you have stashed away for those “special occasions”. Just go to more parties so you can wear it all, just not all at once. Save the decorating for the tree.

Outer Wear

I wish I could walk around with a mirror to show people just how silly they look this time of year with those ridiculous hats with the big pom pom on top. Its cute if you are eleven years old or younger. I do not recommend any adult attempt this look if you want to be taken seriously. Save it for the ski slope or the weekend snowman building in your own yard. Please do not think these knit hats qualify as “style”. Instead opt for a beanie, these look trendy and simple. Go for cherry red or black cable knit. Silhouette- is the shape of something regardless of color and pattern. Think about silhouette the next time you shop for a hot. Stocking caps should be worn by men and skateboarders only. Women look silly in these hats. Choose a soft bucket style hat in black, its Jackie-O, classic, polished, and timeless. It is my favorite go to piece for the holidays.

Gloves should be sleek. Again ,if your hat comes with a free pair of gloves, save it for the weekend or ski slope. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these items .I am simply here to help you look styled (or just a little bit cuter than your friends).

Scarves are really an unnecessary item and most of the time worn wrong. If you are watching a parade and will be outside in the snow for long periods of time its okay to wear all these silly hats and gloves and scarves and things. Hypothermia is not cute. Do not worry about how you look if its zero degrees outside. However if you are going from the taxi cab or car to a party skip that bulky annoying looking, ridiculously oversized fringy scarf. It looks messy, adds extra weight to your frame (unless you are Kate Moss’size). If you really want to “rock a scarf” wear it by itself. Do not wear a hat, jacket or gloves. Just make it about the scarf. I like wearing a soft, sexy, tight fitting low cut sweater then throw on a scarf. This works.


Please invest in some nice menswear style socks. These are great to wear with boots. They keep your feet warm and keep the look clean. Do not ever think of socks as an accessory. We will get to the stocking portion in a bit. Choose medium thickness and make sure they stay up to the bottoms of your knees. Uggs, sleek boot and any type of “bootie” can then be worn.

Dressing up in fancy clothes is challenging this time of year and I know its strange, but open toed shoes are being paired with knee high stocking all over the pages of these fashion magazines. Here is the “normal” persons guide to wearing this trend.

First, choose a shoe that has a tiny peep toe opening, I am serious this is important became the wider the opening this sillier you are going to look. Make it no bigger than your big toe, this is a good rule of thumb (or toe). Choose knee high stockings that have some shimmer or sparkle in them, you can wear a black classic shoe with a little trendy stocking or you can wear a metallic shoe with a black, brown or grey simple stocking (depending on your dress). So if you have a fancy shoe , keep stockings simple, if you have a simple shoe go for some sparkly stockings. This is a look to pair with a party dress. It is an ultra feminine look and a bit difficult to pull off. Be sure to pay attention to details. Add an anklet if your shoes do not have straps. Pumps, stilettos or strapy sandals will look great.

If you are not brave, thin or trendy enough to feel comfortable in this look please do not attempt it. Its okay , here are some other options. Tights of basic colors are fantastic to pair with booties or ballet style flats. You will still look awesome. Keep that rule of thumb in mind with the above paragraph. If you have a black patent leather bootie pair it with some simple grey or black tights. If you want some crazy tights, do not go for weird 80’s colors. These footless trends are for ages one to seventeen. When you become an adult you should dress like one. If you are a child you should dress like one. The lines get crossed as adults start to feel young again remembering their childhoods. Holidays bring this out in us. It’s a great thing but just dress silly at home. Look posh stepping out.

Boots can be dressed up with tights. Dresses and long skirts look so great with boots. Wear this look to work, the bank , grocery shopping and to a party. It’s a fool proof go to comfortable look that will never fail. I personally like it paired with a tunic style blouse or sweater and a long necklace. Are you getting excited yet? Hopefully this helps with your shopping this season. Happy Holidays

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Low Cut Sweater Dress photo

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Low Cut Sweater Dress photo

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