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Colorful Summer Dresses: 5 Print and Floral Dresses Under $50

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Shopping for summer clothing is the perfect way to start the season — what better way to get into the mood for heat than spicing up your wardrobe?

Inexpensive summer dresses are a perfect way to jazz up your closet, and it won’t take your entire clothing budget to look good, either. You can get striking color and a fabulous cut for much less than you think, and these dresses are proof that one can look good, save money, and show off your colorful gems — discount summer dresses that look like a million bucks.

Floral Halter Dress

Purple stands out in this classic, soft floral; it’s set off with cream, yellow, and bursts of cool blues.

The halter neck and empire waist are super flattering. The open back and waist and neck ties add a sexy touch.

Found at Charlotte Russe for $38 in Sizes 5-13

Floral Kimono Cocktail Mini

This summer dress is perfect for those nights that call for something a little dressier.

The bold floral is set on a figure-hugging form with a plunging neck, and a tie in the back; the faux-wrap back mirrors the front. This dress hugs the figure with a very soft, sexy look for showing off your summer body.

Found at DH Styles for $33.99 in Sizes S-M

Zac Posen Tie-Dye Tank Dress

This funky, tie-dye mini dress isn’t exactly a throwback to the 60s — it’s modern and updated for today’s edgy style.

Soft fabric, a keyhole back, and a short, above-the-knee hem make this a cute choice for rocking out those hot summer days — and nights — in comfortable style.

Found at Target for $29.99 in Sizes XS-XL

Angie Scarf Dress

This scarf-print dress with a plunging neckline comes in two colors , dark multi and orange multi.

Go crazy and get the orange; it’s very bold and different. If you’re not feeling so daring, the dark-multi works, too.

Found at Tilly’s for $21.99 in Sizes S-XL

Anora Colorblock Racerback Maxi Dress

The proof is everywhere you look — maxi dresses are back in, and are just as hot and stylish as mini dresses.

Long and sweeping, soft to the touch and soft on the eye, this pastel maxi dress is everything that’s right about the resurgence of the long, affordable summer dress.

Found at G By Guess for $49.50 in Sizes XS-XL

Set the mood for summer with wild colorful dresses

Don’t be afraid to try color; as you can see by the summer dresses I’ve chosen, floral does not mean frumpy.

If you don’t want to go for it all at once by wearing a bold floral summer dress, try something more muted to get into the groove of wearing bright colors. ( Psst! Try this Stitched Floral Mini Dress — it’s cute, comfy, and less than $25!)

Women’s discount summer dresses don’t have to look cheap, and whether you want to dress up or dress down, you can find the perfect little dress at an amazing price.

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Floral Halter Dresses photo

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