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For today’s eco-conscious girl, the prom gown can also make an environmental statement. With today’s trend toward environmentally friendly fashion, eco prom gowns can now be part of the earth conscious movement.
A prom dress is usually the very first true fashion gown that a young girl will select. Whether it is a short and sassy dress or a floor length traditional ball gown, your prom dress is sure to make a statement that reflects your personality. Today, the eco-conscious teenager can now choose a formal dress that further represents her environmental ideals by choosing an eco prom gown.

For a reduced carbon footprint, vintage prom dresses can be purchased from second hand shops and thrift stores, but most girls want their very first fashion gown to be selected and purchased brand new. There are several ways of buying a brand new prom gown and still being eco-conscious.

First, consider the materials that are used for your prom gown. Organic, sustainable, and biodegradable material, such as hemp and silk, and even some organic cotton, are now being used in designer eco prom gowns. If you like chiffon, you can still go green. Some chiffon materials are now formaldehyde free, making it not just better for the environment but less toxic for people, too. Some gowns are even made from recycled materials, giving you a brand new gown out of reused fabrics. Soy based and vegetable based dyes are also an eco alternative to traditional dyes that are used for staining fabric in formal dresses.

The second eco-conscious decision to make when buying your eco prom gown is where to buy it. Choosing a local designer, seamstress, or store can help promote sustainability and add to your eco footprint. Most eco prom dresses 2011 are designed within the United States or Canada, so it is highly unlikely your eco gown is being imported from third world or slave labor countries.

An eco prom dress or gown can be worn for several occasions and, by taking care of your gown and wearing it for more than a single event, you will be reducing your carbon footprint even more. Whether your gown is an A-line dress, empire dress, sheath dress, mini dress, or ball gown, it is a timeless classic that you will be able to wear again and again. Your eco prom gown can be worn for prom, graduation, semi-formals, gala events, and weddings, as well as many other occasions. Eco is not just a trend or fashion statement, but a conscious life choice. By choosing an eco prom dress you will wow your friends and reduce your impact on the environment.

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