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The Perfect Cocktail Dress for Every Woman

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Dressing for an occasion may be one of the greatest joys of a woman. Women can be very feminine, fun and being show-off of their great looks for an event. Whether the occasion may be formal or just dressing up for the office, cocktail dresses are a must have. These kinds of dresses really complement women even if these are worn for late afternoon or early evening affairs.

Adding pieces of accessories like jewelries can then be worn for formal occasion. If you are tired of wearing the usual skirt and pants in the office you may want to dress up in a nice cocktail dress that will give your officemate a second look in you. Cocktail dresses today are not only worn for parties, but to show the modern style of everyday women.

The choice of choosing what cocktail dress to wear may be complicated for some women, as we all know that not all women possess the perfect figure or the so called “supermodel body.” Most women want to try wearing these dresses as they see it in others, but also want to hide their flaws. Be careful in choosing the dress, because it might expose the flaws you are hiding and that might lead to a not so good comment.

The body type is one of the first considerations when choosing a cocktail dress. Determine what your body type is, whether you have a top-heavy or bottom-heavy. For women with top-heavy figure, wear something that draws attention downward to the legs. Not overly emphasizing the bottom so much though, just as to balance the figure.

If you are more concern on the bottom part of your body, then wear a dress that can actually hide the hips and the thighs like a full skirt. The cocktail dress should have a skirt that flares out to draw attention to the waist with a belt.

An empire-style waistline can also be another choice of dress for women with heavy-bottom. This dress creates an illusion of length as it elongates the figure because of the high-waisted design. This empire-style cut can be very useful for women who have a hard time hiding their post maternity figure, but for some women this could be a disadvantage as they could be thought of as pregnant.

In addition to the flare skirt or full skirt, a strapless or sleeveless cocktail dress could be another option. Showing off the shoulders and arms could be a distraction from the eyes to see the fuller bottom figure.

In choosing a cocktail dress for women with top-heavy figure, they have an option to emphasize on the legs or to show some cleavage without really appearing vulgar.

Wearing accessories can add style, class and spice to the outfit that you are wearing. Try every accessory available on the rack that would match the dress before buying it. A pair of good shoes or handbag that would make a statement on what you are wearing can also be added without really overpowering the dress.

Whatever the occasion may be, the perfect cocktail dress should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

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