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Fashion Savvy: 5 Tips for Boho Style

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Boho style, also known as Bohemian and Boho-chic, is a fashion trend which borrows heavily from Hippie-chic undertones, vintage finds, and earth-mother charm to promote self-expression and a unique twist. Numerous celebrities have made Boho style their signature look; Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Mischa Barton and Sienna Miller are all A-list actresses or models who adopted the individuality of Boho-chic fashion and made it their own.

In order to truly embody the Boho style, a few key elements need to be incorporated into your wardrobe-or your mindset. For shopping recommendations try The Chic Fashionista; her fashion inspiration photos are wonderful for further understanding this style. Here are 5 tips of making this fashion trend work for you:

Disregard current fashion trends and popular labels; part of making Boho work for you is your individual tastes. If animal prints are the key fabric for the season, or designers are pushing neon pink accessories, do not immediately apply them to your wardrobe. Boho-chic means making your own rules, making new trends over following them, and letting your personality show through in your clothing and accessory choices-not Gucci’s.

Choose faded, ragged vintage clothes but keep the distress minimal; rocking the Boho style often means wearing clothing which seems well beyond its point of no return. Always limit yourself to one statement piece of well-used or damaged clothing; pair it with new, if unusual, modern items. It is a delicate balance between stylishly distressed jeans and torn-up denim garbage-you want to look Boho, not Hobo.

Think: Earth Mother; all-natural accessories, floral embroidery, and neutral tones often frequent Boho ensembles. Part of the reason for this is that Boho style incorporates a lot of Hippie-chic elements, mixing in vintage and earthy qualities. Peasant blouses, flowing skirts, ancient sandals-all are frequented by Boho style enthusiasts, and many favor all-natural, earth-based cotton and other materials made with renewable resources.

Boho is in the details; accessories, jewelry, hair style and clothing accents are all key to truly embodying the Boho style. The details to your outfit add further individuality and personality to your look; two very important parts of Boho style. Scarves, hats, sandals and vests should all be considered as further opportunity to express yourself through your clothing; Boho style isn’t limited to your actual garments and jewelry choices. Boho style enthusiasts often take accessories and additional garments (such as vests or leggings) to an extreme which other fashion-conscious people would find cluttered; feel free to go over the top.

Understand the Mindset of Boho Style; people who follow the Boho style of fashion often view this particular trend more as a state of mind than an actual style of dress easily copied. Boho style enthusiasts argue that Bohemian fashion is 20% clothing, and 30% attitude and 50% freedom of thought or individuality. Many Boho style fans see this trend as an opportunity to shun conventional fashion wisdom and break the rules put in place by generations prior; ignoring what is acceptable, and what is not, according to society.

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Boho Chic Dresses photo

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Boho Chic Dresses photo

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