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Young at Heart Party Dress Styles

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No matter what your true age is, if you are young at heart, you can wear a stylish party dress to look and feel good. There are certain styles that may look great on someone who who is young at heart. The following are some of these styles.

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Sparkles are a great way to feel young, and they can go on any style or size of dress. If you are older and would like a dress of a certain style, you can get sparkles on it to give it that extra shine. Sparkles come in many different forms. You can get a dress that has large or small beading that makes it shine. Also sequins can be beautiful and can make a dress shine brightly. Some dresses have glitter like pieces sewn into the material, which look almost like little stars in the materials. Some of the more expensive ones have rhinestones or crystals embroidered into the dresses. These can look almost like little diamonds all over your dress. They make all of these different sparkles in a variety of different colors. Some party dresses have them all over such as sequin dress that is covered with them, and others use it as embellishment. Some may use it on a secondary piece such as a jacket. You can go as extravagant as you want, but there is nothing like a little sparkle to make you feel young at heart.

Little Black Dress

There is nothing like a little black dress to make you feel pretty and sexy, no matter how you look or what your age is. The little black dress comes in many sizes and styles, appropriate for different ages, tastes and body types. What is a little black dress to one person may mean something different to another. It just needs to be black and a shorter dress. Black can make those who are young at heart feel sultry and sexy and just plain good.


If you want to be daring, consider a strapless dress. This can be very elegant and very sexy and they make them for both the young and the young at heart. If you want something a little more modest, you can get a strapless dress and add a wrap, shawl or shrug on top of it. Theses also come in all sizes, colors and shapes for all different body types.

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Black Evening Dresses photo

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