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Designer Bags Anyone?

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The disaster that is the downward spiralling economy is not all bad news for the Bagaholics. The brain storm of avid designer bag lovers, Bagaholics have a one stop shop to make their dreams of having that fabulous designer bag of your choice at rock bottom prices. There is a slight catch, of course. Bags at as much as 30% below the original price tag do not simply grown on trees. These designers bags were once loved by previous designer bag owners. Apparently, even the wealthy are feeling the financial strain.

The economy may be tightening the grip on their pockets but certainly not their pocketbooks. Many designer bags owners have found the perfect solution to economic adversities and opting to put their money where designer bag used to be. Selling their designer handbags to pre-owned designer handbags is on the rise. Making second hand designer bags sales soar through the roof for many such second hand designer bag retail outlet.

Bags with designer labels to die for such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, YSL, Dior, Fendi and Hermes are being bought up by pre-owned designer shop Bagaholic and resold to the bag loving public rushing to snatch up the once in a lifetime opportunity to own the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into the production of every designer bag created. Newly purchase pre-owned designer bag owners rave about the discount prices they are able to take advantage of especially in today’s economic crisis.

Some new owners of pre-owned designer bag boast of not only making that one special handbag purchase but more than one designer hand bag purchase. At the reduce pre-owned designer bag prices you really can splash out and go mad. Purchasing 3 or 4 designer hand bags for the price of one handbag at it origin price is sending woman near and far to the Bagaholic shops from around the world.

Other satisfied pre-owned designer bag purchasers are claiming saving so great that they are even buying the same bags but in a range of different colours to further take full advantage of the good fortune sales of the pre-owned designer bags featured at such reduced prices.

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8 Summer Bags that Look Designer

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Multi Colored Clutch Handbag with Shoulder Strap ($60.00) by Melie Bianco – I think this is the cutest bag I’ve seen all year. It’s an absolutely adorable striped pattern made of several different types of faux leather and suede in beautiful colors. I’m also a sucker for convertible bags and I think the way this bag changes from a clutch to a messenger bag makes it look like a completely different bag. Now call me cheap, because I probably am, but I’d love one bag for the price of two any day of the week! At $60.00, this bag is the second most expensive bag featured on my list, but I think it’s worth it. First, you can almost guarantee no one in your town is going to have a bag like this one. Second, I love shopping online, because of the wonderful savings. This Melie Bianco bag retails for $80.00, but if you purchase it on Handbag Heaven, it’s only $60. Fabulous!

Striped Straw Beach Tote ($10.00) by Old Navy – This is a great beach bag with a lot of attitude. I’m not sure if this bag is for everyone, or for every specific occasion, but it definitely says “me at the beach.” I love the vibrant colors and bright blue stripes on this bag. It’s sure to stand out as one of the best beach bags out there. It’s also made of a great straw material, which keeps your belongings in and lets the sand escape. This bag would be great for traveling also, because it’s lightweight, but it’s also nice and big! I think this would be a great carry-all bag for the summer. You could stash a book, a beach towel, some sunscreen and a hair tie and be out the door and ready to go to the beach, the park, the lake, you name it!

Orange Pebble Leather “Village” Small Case ($39.00) by Cole Haan – Okay, so I guess this purse is “technically” designer, but can you believe this price? I thought I was dreaming. Usually the only cheap designer bags I find are black and 2 inches wide. I guess you would consider them to be more like change purses. But although this adorable orange bag is a little on the small side, it definitely packs a punch in design and especially COLOR! I haven’t seen such a vibrant orange leather in quite a while. It’s the epitome of summer, I love it! This bag would be perfect for a night on the town after the beach, when you’re all warm and lazy and just want to have a good cocktail, sit with some friends and enjoy the weather. This bag would also look great with black, so you could keep using it all year long.

Summer Tribal Hobo ($22.80) by Forever 21 – This hobo bag really surprised me! I’ve never bought a bag from Forever 21 before, but I think I’m going to start! How cute is this little summer hobo bag? This summer is all about bright, vibrant stripes, so go crazy with your purse. I think this bag is a perfect casual, every day bag. It’s the perfect bag to fit the real essentials. I’m personally a huge believer in large every day bags instead of those tiny ones that you can’t even stuff your lip gloss into after you’ve crammed your cell phone and keys in. I hate those bags that are “just for credit cards and a mascara.” With this bag, you can really have some breathing room! And for $22.80, this bag is definitely going to be easy on your wallet… Just make sure it doesn’t get lost in there once you put it in the bag. It’s so roomy, your wallet’s going to think you rented him his own penthouse!

Bamboo Silk Clutch ($79.00) by Express- This bag is the most expensive one I’ve put on the list, but don’t let that discourage you. I absolutely had to put this purse on my list because of how completely beautiful it is! The colors, the bamboo handle, everything reminds me of a brilliant, amazing summer! I am absolutely buying this bag for myself, although I wish I could buy them all, I just don’t have enough arms to sling them over this summer. This clutch is definitely going on my shopping list, because it is so sleek and definitely looks like it was just plucked from a designer store. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

Crocodile Print Style Handbag ($39.95) by Handbag Heaven – Here’s another casual bag to add to your list. I can’t stress enough that this summer is all about bold prints and bright colors, and this bag wins in both departments. It’s a kind of cartoony giraffe print, not realistic at all, which I kind of like. It makes me feel like I’m in the jungle, where everything is larger than life and even the giraffes wear giraffe print! I think this bag could instantly dress up a plain, white dress and turn it into a fabulous outfit. Just add a few silver accessories and you’re ready to gallop out the door.

Striped Canvas/Lambskin Satchel ($59.50) by The Gap – This is a more subdued bag that I’m considering buying for work. I think it does the trick as being a sleek bag with its shape and striped pattern, but it’s also very professional and relaxed-looking. The price is a little steep, especially for a bargain-bagger like myself, but it looks so comfortable and I’ve had great luck in the past with bags from The Gap. They seem to be made very well and last a long time. I have a brown leather hobo bag from 2 years ago that I still lug around to work and I still get compliments on it! It’s time for a new bag to get compliments on and I think it’s definitely going to be this one.

Women’s Convertible Clutch ($8.99) by Old Navy – Last, but not least is the cheapest bag on the list. This bag is absolutely adorable and comes in so many different colors! There’s nothing I love more than a cute convertible clutch. I even love the way the words roll off my tongue. This is such a cute little bag for the summer and you can fold it up to match your outfit, or bring it down if you need to carry more stuff. I’m definitely going out today to buy this one, before Old Navy runs out! My absolute favorite is the bright blue color, shown on the website. I hope they still have it!

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