Can you wear leggings to the office? A fashion expert lays down the law – CNBC


Of course, these rules may not apply to you or your office. Regardless, there’s still no getting around the fact that most professionals should have two or three pair of nice work pants, according to the fashion expert.

What to look for when buying traditional work pants:

“For good work pants, expect to spend at least $80,” Yannetta says, “maybe even going up to $100 or $115.”

While that number may seem high, you can think of it as an investment in your career. If you wear the same pair of pants that cost $115 twice a week for about 50 work weeks each year, that’s 100 days of the same look. Assuming they’re a fabric that can be worn across seasons, you only end up “spending” $1.00 per wear — a pretty good deal.

To maximize the wear you get from your pants, make sure you have at least one pair in a neutral color such as dark blue, grey or black.

“You want to look and feel great in your work pants,” she says.

Whether they are casual or fancy — well, that’s up to you.

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